<b>Prevent Surgical Fires</b> - protect yourself by asking questions.  Take Action NOW to learn more. <b>Fuel Awareness</b> - Helps us prevent more surgical fires by supporting this cause. <b>Personal Stories</b> - Surgical Fires may happen more than you think...and they can happen to ANYONE. Awareness and planning result in PREVENTION.  Protect your patients now. We congratulate the health systems that are leading the way in prevention.

Advocating Patient Safety

Patient Safety First!

Surgicalfire.org is a passionate advocate for patient safety. 40% of Americans and more than 1/3 of physicians have experienced medical errors.

Here you'll find the resources, information and personal stories you need to take an active role in protecting yourself and others from the catastrophic effects of surgical fires.

    40% percent of Americans and more than 1/3 of physicians say they have personally experienced medical […]

    The burden to prevent surgical fires is on YOU the medical professionals. In most causes your […]

    If you or someone you love has been the victim of a surgical fire, be sure […]



    Please help us spread the message of awareness so we can continue to speak to medical […]


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Personal Stories

Cathy Reuter's Personal Story:

I was compelled to work toward awareness after my mother was a victim of a surgical fire - the complications and medical errors from which took her life.

I am committed to creating awareness for medical safety.

Here is my story, and stories from others who have suffered the consequences of a surgical fire.

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